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Pura Vida lifestyle, travel, career break

What is Pure Vida?

Pura Vida is a common phrase from Costa Rica, which translates to ‘pure life’ but also means ‘life is good’ or ‘take it easy’. Pura Vida is a way of life! If you live the Pura Vida lifestyle you enjoy life, are appreciative of what you have and are optimistic every day.

Pura Vida lifestyle, travel, career break

Are you craving the Pura Vida lifestyle?

If the sound of the Pura Vida lifestyle sounds inviting, taking a career break or sabbatical to travel the world could definitely provide you with the daily feeling of ‘life is good’.

For me, taking a year out from work was refreshing, relaxing and exciting and when I had to return to the working world I felt refreshed. When I was on my career break I adopted the Pura Vida lifestyle and life definitely felt good!

Pura Vida lifestyle, travel, career break

Here are some helpful articles if you are considering taking some time out to take a career break or sabbatical:

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If you have taken a career break or sabbatical and have a story to tell, drop me an email at to be a part of the interview series.


Pura Vida lifestyle, travel, career break

Take it easy and remember, do what makes you happy!

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