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About Me

Hi, I'm Kate, a travel enthusiast, amateur photographer, culture seeker and lawyer. 


I have wanted to travel the world for as long as I can remember but bypassed the typical gap year at 18 to study Law at university and travelled during study leave and summer holidays instead.


Fast forward 8 years, I was a qualified solicitor and had a few years under my belt but still wanted to experience long-term travel, so made the decision to take a career break and finally embark on a journey around the world. I thought that this trip of a lifetime would cure my wanderlust and 'get it out of my system' but instead, it sparked my passion to travel further, whilst holding down a career. 


Working within the corporate environment, it is not the norm to quit your job to go backpacking around the world, but everyone has different life goals. I am a firm believer in aiming to achieve a work-life balance and that you can never leave it too late to travel.


Over 35 countries later, I created 'Career Break Kate' to document how I took a career break, went back to work, but continue to travel with annual leave. I hope my blog inspires others that it is possible to travel and have a successful career at the same time. 

Kate x



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