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Best Craft Beer in Hanoi - The Ultimate Guide (with interactive map)

The craft beer scene is booming all over the world and there is no surprise why. Long gone are the days when people are content with commercial beer and their tastebuds have been introduced to the unique and varying flavors of craft beer.

Asia has a massive craft beer scene which is fast growing in Vietnam. Even though Hanoi was not the first to jump on the bandwagon, it has quickly caught up with the largest city, Ho Chi Minh City. For beer lovers, you will not be short of places to get a crisp cold craft beer in Hanoi or ‘fresh beer’ which translates to ‘Bia Hoi’.

Best Craft Beer in Hanoi

Don't miss the google map which shows where you can find the best craft beer spots… Just look for the red beer pint. You could also use the map to do your own craft beer pub crawl in Hanoi.

So let us dive in:

Where to get Craft Beer in Hanoi:

There are numerous places you can visit to satisfy your craving for craft beer in Hanoi. There are pubs that serve craft beer on tap amongst other drinks, microbreweries or specialist craft beer bars.

C-Brewmaster Craft Beer

C-Brewmaster Craft Beer in Hanoi was founded by Cuong Nguyen back in 2016. C-Brewmaster pride themselves on using good quality ingredients, having modern technology and creating new recipes constantly. The team is full of knowledge and really knows how to make a fresh and tasty beer. C-Brewmaster should definitely be on your list when looking for a good craft beer while in Hanoi.

Address: 45A Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, Hang Buom Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Furbrew Beer Bar (100 Garden)

The beers at Furbew Beer Bar are brewed locally in Vietnam. They have 20 beers on tap, so you may have to go back a few times to be able to try all of them. Furbrew Beer Bar also delivers to many areas around Vietnam and while this company started off small, it is growing year by year and gaining a good reputation.

Address: 8b/52 To Ngoc Van Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Turtle Lake Brewing

One of the best breweries in Hanoi, Turtle Lake Brewing have an amazing selection of craft beers from IPA to stouts. Turtle Lake Brewing is located by West Lake which is a bit of a hidden gem so it isn't full of tourists and has over 15 beers on tap. They have seating outside for a chilled Hanoi vibe and also offer food if you get a bit peckish. If craft beer isn't enough, then they also have games such as dartboards and board games… or you can even play a game of beer pong?

Address: 105 Quang Khanh, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Peachy Craft Beer Pub

The Peachy Craft Beer Pub is not the easiest to find in Hanoi. Once you are at the address you need to look for a narrow alley and then go up the stairs. Here you can enjoy a refreshing craft beer while looking at the view of Hanoi Old Quarter below.

Craft beer, Hanoi and people watching…is there anything better?

Address: 87 Hang Dao Street 2nd Floor, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Craft Beer Pub

Well, the name is a bit of a give away that they specialize in Craft Beer and have at least 8 craft beers on tap daily and over 30 imported beers. The inspiration for the Craft Beer Pub decor is from a French farm and the wooden interior creates a cozy atmosphere. They also have great deals on their food, particularly the burgers.

Address: 26 Hang Buom Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Pasteur Street Brewing

Pasteur Street Brewing which was named after their first brewery and has award-winning craft beers. The headquarters are found in the capital city but you will find their craft beer over Vietnam and the world. They use American brewing techniques with exotic Vietnamese ingredients to create an incredible craft beer experience. There are unique flavors that you can try, including raspberry farmhouse ale, jasmine IPA or dragonfruit gose, so it is definitely worth a visit. With two floors and a terrace, you can take your choice of sitting inside or out.

Address: 1 Au Trieu | Behind the St.Joseph Cathedral in the Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

Best Craft Beer in Hanoi

Fox Legend Brewery

Based in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, the Fox Legend Brewery is a great place to grab a cold craft beer after exploring Hanoi. Head up the spiral staircase to find the entrance, which has a welcoming bar and a terrace. The Fox Legend IPA is a must-try. Tip: Don't miss the happy hour (if you buy two beers, get the third free)…did someone say free beer?

Address: 59 Hang Buom | Upstairs, Hanoi, Vietnam

Thom Brewery Taphouse

Thơm Brewery Taphouse is based on West Lake Hanoi and prides itself on using local, high-quality ingredients. The founder was a chemist, so brewing comes naturally to him which shows in the beer and what started as a hobby has now turned into a thriving business. You can now find their beers at over 20 locations. Dante’s Inferno and the Reckless IPA are highly recommended but be wary, the Inferno is 12% ABV!

Address: 60 To Ngoc Van in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Standing Bar

The Standing Bar overlooks the Truc Bach lake and is a great place to grab a cold craft beer and watch the Hanoi sunset. Even though it is called the Standing Bar, there are seats upstairs if you are looking to rest your feet after exploring all Hanoi has to offer. The bar has over 20 taps from breweries based all across Vietnam. Standing Bar has a vibrant atmosphere and starts to fill up in the evening. They play some great music and offer food if you fancy a bite to eat.

Address: 170 Tran Vu Street, Truc Bach Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Ibiero Craft Beer

Ibiero Craft Beer Brewery started with the owners having a passion for craft beer. Ibiero has three locations now across Hanoi and has around 12 beers on offer and a gourmet food menu. They are also great at pairing the craft beer with different food types. Why not try the Brown Chocolate, the Hop Drop ’n Roll or the Indian Pale Lager which is particularly refreshing for those hot Hanoi afternoons.

Address: 32 Gia Ngu Street | Hang Bac Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam &

101 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da Street | 4st Floor, 101 Lang Ha Building, Hanoi, Vietnam &

99 Le Duan, Hanoi, Vietnam

Location Map

To help you find all of the above beer spots, find the beer pint pins on the map below. Zoom in for a closer look.

Craft Beer vs Beer:

After reading about all of this craft beer, have you been left wondering…what is the difference between craft beer and draft beer?

The difference between craft beer and beer is that craft beer is not filtered and pasteurized, whereas draft beer is. Mass-produced beer generally will use cheaper ingredients, where craft beer will usually be made with hand-selected ingredients, as smaller batches will be brewed. Craft beer usually focuses on a certain ingredient and this results in a highly flavorsome drink.

When you are served a mass-produced beer, it will be served very cold, whereas craft beers will be served at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit so you can distinguish the varying flavors. It really comes down to personal taste but there is no denying that more and more people are choosing craft beer.

Best Craft Beer in Hanoi

Vietnam local beer

I know this blog post is about craft beer in Vietnam, but I feel like Vietnam's local beer deserves a mention. Popular local beers in Vietnam include Saigon Red, Saigon Special, Hanoi Beer. Usually served ice cold, cheap and refreshing after a day exploring Vietnam.

Is Beer popular in Vietnam

Beer is extremely popular in Vietnam and the country is actually one of the top 10 beer consumption countries in the world. The beer culture is strong in Vietnam and there is lots to try.

Best Craft Beer in Hanoi

Craft Beer Tours in Hanoi

If you want to make the most of an evening in Hanoi sampling the best of the craft beer in Hanoi, then why not book yourself on a Craft Beer Tour:

A Taste of Hanoi

A Taste of Hanoi offer ‘The Original Craft Beer Tour of Hanoi’ which lasts 5 hours and has a group size from 1-12 people. You will try up to 12 beers on the tour and also learn about the brewing process.

Check availability for Taste of Hanoi craft beer here: A Taste of Hanoi Hanoi Beer Tour

The founders Ian and Brett have a real passion for beer and offer a tour of the Hanoi Beer Scene on the back of a motorbike. The Hanoi Beer Tour also lasts for 5 hours and you will also get to sample some Vietnamese food. They offer discounts if you are a group of 5 or more, just contact them to get a quote.

Check availability for the Hanoi Beer Tour here: Hanoi Beer Tour Backstreet Tours

Also check out Backstreet Tours who offer unique food and drink tours if you want to learn more about Hanoi culture and they are reasonably priced too. Click here to see the tours they offer.


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