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How to keep your job while taking a career break?

Many people sit at their desk day dreaming about jumping on a plane and disappearing for a few months but very few actually make this a reality. Many people are worried to even approach their employers with the question, as they worry it makes them look like they are not committed to their jobs. Some career breakers want to quit their job for flexibility, but others want the time off but don't want to jeopardise their career and job.

I think people who are reading this, will usually have worked hard for years and have landed their dream job where they are happy and settled into their career and don't want to lose it all for 6 months backpacking around the world. Or, you want to take the time off but don't want the uncertainty when you get home of being poor and having no job to come back to. I get it! If you have read any of my other posts, you will know that I took the leap and quit, because I didn't know how long I wanted to travel for and didn't want a set date I had to be home for. However, this was the hardest decision to make, as I petrified that I wouldn't find a job when I got home and I would be living off baked beans for the rest of my life (I don't even like baked beans!).