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What to do in Ko Phi Phi? Look no further! 

What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand on a career break advice or sabbaticals, travel

How many days do you need in Phi Phi Island?

Three days in Phi Phi Island is the perfect amount of time to experience what the island has to offer, without feeling rushed. Three days will give you time to see the town, hike up Phi Phi Viewpoint, go on a full day tour and chill on the gorgeous beaches.

What is there to do in Phi Phi island for 3 days?

  1. Relax

  2. Snorkelling/diving

  3. Hike up Phi Phi Viewpoint

  4. Go on a night out and watch a fire show

  5. Shark Tour

  6. Watch Thai boxing

  7. Island Hopping

  8. Cooking class

  9. Deep sea fishing

  10. Walk around Phi Phi market

As you can you see there are lots of ways of entertaining yourself on Phi Phi Island if you have had enough of sunbathing on the beach.

We got the ferry from Phuket and I remember when we were approaching the island I couldn't believe my eyes. Crystal clear sea, soft white sand and the most amazing backdrop, it felt like we were in a dream. We stayed on Long Beach, which I would highly recommend if you want to be away from the noise but still in easy reach of the nightlife. 

Long beach is what you see in the glossy magazines, with the long boats lined up in the sea, with colourful bits of cloth contrasting with soft white sand underfoot and the warm sea splashing up your legs. The beach is not crowded but there are enough people around for it to have a nice atmosphere. There are restaurants/cafes dotted down the beach which are perfect for lunch or a drink and you don't have to swim out far with your snorkel to see colourful and exotic fish. 

What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand on a career break advice or sabbaticals, travel

As this trip was a holiday, rather than a backpacking trip, we stayed in a nice hotel called Paradise Resort Phi Phi which was right on the beach. As we are usually in hostels or budget hotels, this really was a treat. When Rob and I walked into the room we really couldn't believe how nice it was.....just look at that view! You can get more information about Paradise Resort here. I would highly recommend Paradise Resort if you are looking for somewhere to stay on Long Beach. 

What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand,, career break advice, travel, backpacking,  sabbaticals, gap year

You have to get a long tail boat across to the main village, which takes around 10 minutes. The journey is actually really nice but it was a bit ropey in the evening when it was pitch black. We went across to the main village

What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand on a career break advice or sabbaticals, travel

We spent most of our time in Phi Phi relaxing, swimming, eating and drinking a little bit too much. It was exactly what we needed after the chaos of Bangkok. There is something for everyone on Ko Phi Phi Island, so here are my top things to do:-

What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand?



Trust me, this is easy to do on Phi Phi Island. I can only comment on Long beach, but it was sooooo relaxing. The softest sand, with trees for shade, beautiful scenery, a warm clear sea, massages on the beach....what more do you want? Find a spot, grab a good book and do nothing.  

What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand on a career break advice or sabbaticals, travel

2.  Snorkelling/diving


Phi Phi Island is a great place for snorkelling or diving depending on your preference and budget. There is an array of fish to spy on and you don't have to swim out far before you spot your first one.

3.  Hike up Phi Phi Island Viewpoint


After a 25 minute walk, you will reach panoramic views of Ko Phi Phi Le and Ko Phi Phi Don. One bit of advice would be to go just before sunset, as it will be cooler and you can watch the sun go down, before heading back. There are hundreds of steps, so you have to be reasonably fit to reach the top but it is rewarding. Make sure to take some change with you as there is a charge of 30 baht to go to the top. 

What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand on a career break advice or sabbaticals, travel

4.  Go on a night out and watch a fire show


There are a few places to watch the popular fire shows around Phi Phi Island, but we chose Carlito's, which I would recommend. The bar is right on the beach and has a good vibe. There are loads of bars and clubs to party all night. Just be careful of the buckets...they are strong, which we found out very quickly!

What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand on a career break advice or sabbaticals, travel

5.  Shark Tour


You can go on a shark feeding tour which will cost you around 800 - 1000 baht and they usually last around 6 hours. On the tour you experience feeding leopard and black tip sharks. On the majority of the tours you can also go snorkelling in the coral gardens on the same trip.

6.  Watch Thai boxing


The Reggae Bar is the place to be to watch the boxing on Phi Phi Island. The boxing goes on all night and you can buy alcohol by the bucket. There are professional Thai men fighting but the most entertaining part is when the tourists fight each other, usually after they have had a few buckets of booze and the winner gets...another bucket of booze. 

What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand on a career break advice or sabbaticals, travel

7.  Island Hopping


From Phi Phi Island there are other islands that you can visit on day trips. The popular islands are Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Ley and the Bamboo Island. Maya Bay is very popular after the iconic film 'The Beach' and is very touristy. Maya Bay was actually shut in 2018 as the amount of visitors had destroyed the coral and the beach was filled with rubbish. Maya Bay is due to re-open in 2021.

Get your Guide offers brilliant trips, such as the Sunset Tour by Speed Boat from Phi Phi Island and Bioluminescent Plankton Boat tours.

8.  Cooking class


Cooking classes are great fun and a brilliant way to meet like-minded people and you get to improve your cooking skills. The most popular place on Phi Phi Island is Pum’s Thai Cooking School.

9.  Deep sea fishing


If you don't fancy feeding the sharks, then there are deep sea fishing tours but these are quite pricey. It can be a great way to spend a day on the sea, taking in the amazing views and there is the option to go night fishing.

10.  Walk around Phi Phi market


Phi Phi market has lots of goodies including fresh fruit, veg and fish and is a great place to get away from the crowds and watch the locals going about their day to day lives.  

FAQ's regarding Koh Phi Phi

Is Koh Phi Phi expensive?

Koh Phi Phi is expensive compared to other islands in Thailand but is still affordable compared to Western countries. Accommodation ranges from budget hostels costing $20 a night to luxury beach villas costing $350, so you will always find something that suits your budget. Food and alcohol is not expensive.

I think you should expect to up your daily budget when travelling to Phi Phi (compared to other destinations in Thailand) but it should put you off visiting.

Why Phi Phi Island is famous?

The film 'The Beach' with Leonardo Di Caprio is how Phi Phi Island shot to fame. The film is set on the stunning Maya Bay which is located on the uninhabited Phi Phi Leh island. Clear blue waters and white sandy beaches attract a mass of visitors each year.

Can you walk around Phi Phi Island?

Yes you can walk around Phi Phi Island and in fact there are no cars or public transport on the island. Walking or hiking is the best way to get around Phi Phi. Parts of the island that are off the beaten track are only suitable for experience hikers.

If you are staying outside of the village, then you will be able to get a long tail boat if you don't want to walk. If you are located around Ao Tonsai/Tonsai Bay Area then you can get to all of the activities and amenities on foot.

Is Koh Phi Phi safe?

Koh Phi Phi is safe to walk around as there are no vehicles on the island as everyone walks or cycles. Like any country, you should keep your whits about you and be wary for scams. It would not be sensible to walk around in the dark on your own.

Watch out for booze as it can be strong and always keep an eye on your belongings. Phi Phi is a party destination and you will witness the occasional tourists practicing Muay Thai which does usually end well.

Yes there are monkeys on Phi Phi Island in the dense jungle areas. You should take care when walking around the jungle and keep a distance between you and the monkeys. There are also snakes in Phi Phi even though they are a rare sight but keep this in mind.

Are there snakes on Phi Phi Island?

Yes, there are snakes on Koh Phi Phi Island. The snakes are in the woodland, beaches and also swim but will generally stay away from humans. I talk from experience, after spotting a bright green snake hiding in a tree while we were eating dinner on the beach.

Are the Phi Phi islands worth it?

There is more to do on Phi Phi Island than just sunbathing and swimming and the island is definitely worth visiting. The village is touristy but it didn't take away from the beauty of the island. The turquoise sea and the beaches make it worth a spot on your itinerary. I do think that I might have felt different if we had stayed in the main town as it was dirty, a bit smelly and touristy.

*Tip* If you are visiting Phi Phi Island for the beaches rather than the nightlife, I would highly recommend staying on long beach as the main beach is quite dirty, noisy and touristy.

What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand on a career break advice or sabbaticals, travel

Have you been to Phi Phi Island & have anything else to add to the list?


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What to do in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand on a career break advice or sabbaticals, travel

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