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How to survive a long haul flight and make it more comfortable, sabbatical meaning, career break

How to survive a long haul flight?

When you decide to travel, it usually involves flying on a plane but flying long haul can be quite uncomfortable (if you are unprepared). After a long haul flight to Thailand in 2015 and I got off the plane feeling groggy and drained. Three days into the trip, I came down with a horrible cold, which then turned into a chest and ear infection and I am adamant that I caught the cold from the flight. I now prepare for long haul flights and here are my tips for feeling fresh when you reach the next destination. Obviously, the best way to make your journey more comfortable would be to fly in business or first class, but for me and most of us, that is not an option.

If you are heading off around the world on your career break or sabbatical then its likely that you will be flying a lot and these simple tips will hopefully make your travel days a little more comfortable.