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How long to spend in Tokyo and Japan

You may be going to Japan for the first time and are wondering how long to stay in Tokyo or Japan, to be able to see what this amazing country has to offer?

Ok, maybe I am not the best person to write an answer to this question, due to one fact....I LOVE JAPAN!!! But when I talk to people about my round the world travels, I have had a few people ask me, 'how long should I spend in Japan?', so I thought I would write a little post on this.

Now I know Japan won't be for everyone, but majority of people who I know who have explored Japan have fallen in love with it as much as I have. On our around the world trip, we planned to stay in Japan about two and a half weeks, as I was worried it was going to be really expensive and drain our budget. I actually ended up having a severe allergic reaction and was admitted to hospital for 6 nights in Tokyo (detailed blog and pictures to follow), which did mess our plans up a bit. However, even with the slight issue of nearly dying in Japan, I didn't let it blur my opinion and we still made the most of our time, in one of my all time favourite countries.