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Visiting Fatehpur Sikri en route to Jaipur - Trust me you won't regret it.

Jaipur to Fatehpur Sikri, is it worth it?

The Journey from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri

Luke, who was on our bus to Agra was also travelling to Jaipur, so the previous day we had arranged to share a car stopping off at Fatehpur Sikri, a UNESCO site which was only 45km away from Agra. We met him at his hostel and started the journey on the crazy Indian roads. As this journey was in daylight, there was something to look at every second of the journey but it also meant we could see how bloody crazy the driving really was (and the near misses along the way). I wish I could put it into words the road etiquette, or lack of, but I can't as it is just that mad, especially coming from English roads. It really is every man for himself!

On the drive, we saw peacocks, pigs, chickens, birds of prey, monkeys, goats, cats, dogs, cows, the list goes on. The animals are everywhere and most are 'free range', basically they just go where they want. We rarely saw animals tied up or caged, except the chickens just before they were going to be killed and eaten. We saw the farmers working in the fields picking crops and tending to the vegetables. The women's brightly coloured saris stuck out and shone in the sun in the fields. Blocking out the noise of the