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Visiting Battambang Bat Caves, Cambodia

Visiting the Bat Caves in Battambang was one of my highlights of Cambodia. The main reason we actually went to Battambang was to visit the Bat Caves and I am glad we took the detour. It really is a natural phenomenon. Millions of bats flying out of a cave, with bars where you can grab a cold beer while you enjoy the view, with an incredible backdrop of the Phnom there is a better way to spend your evening?

Visiting the Battambang Bat Caves Cambodia, career break

So if you are intrigued and want to visit the Bat Caves in Battambang, here is a guide with everything you need to know:

Getting to the Battambang Bat Caves

The Battambang Bat Caves are based around 12 km from Battambang. The tuk-tuk drivers will know exactly where you need to go when you mention the bat caves. If you are visiting Battambang Bat Caves independently (without being on a tour), then taking a tuk-tuk is a quick and cheap way to get there, taking around half an hour.