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How to say goodbye when leaving to travel the world

This is the hard bit, you have booked a one way plane ticket, with the intention of not returning for months or years. But the excitement wears off for a brief moment when it comes to saying goodbye to friends, family and work colleagues and reality kicks in that you are not going to see them until you return.

It is easier saying goodbye if you have support from everyone, rather than people being negative about your adventure. Even if you have some individuals who don't think you are making the right decision, it is most likely that they are worried about you exploring the big wide world (probably because they are not well travelled themselves) and that simply that they are going to miss you.

It is a good idea to keep your loved ones in the loop when you are planning on leaving and the rough plans you have. Keep them involved, rather than keeping your journey a secret, as they will need a bit of time to adapt that you are leaving and that you are not going to be around.

Arrange a meal or drinks with everyone and say one proper last goodbye and make it a fun and positive farewell.

It is most likely that your parents and immediate family will be the ones that are worrying the most, so ensure them that you will keep in touch and if you won't be able to keep in touch, for any reason, i.e you will be living on a boat for a week with no wifi or signal, then let them know. It is easy to forget that there is probably somebody worrying about you back home when you are experiencing new and fun things each day .

For me the hardest part was saying goodbye to my parents at the airport and having that last hug and saying the last goodbyes for a long time, but I think it really hit me when we boarded the plane to India and realised I wasn't going to see my family for a long time.

How to say goodbye when leaving to travel the world

I did get homesick at times throughout the trip, but it didn't last long, because we were always busy and the months flew by (too quickly). Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook are amazing ways to keep in touch and definitely helps with homesickness.

Yes, it will be sad when you say goodbye to your loved ones, but once you arrive at your first destination, the sadness will be long forgotten and you will be making memories that will last for a lifetime and you will have lots to talk about over a Sunday dinner when you get back. 


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