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Should I quit my job to travel the world?

Making the decision to quit your job to travel is not an easy one, unless you hate your job and it has zero career prospects. I had studied and worked my bum off for 9 years to qualify as a Solicitor and I had settled into a good firm and I was just starting my career. So for me, quitting my job was not an easy decision, but sometimes you have to take risks in life. I had an overwhelming desire to travel and that desire was enough for me to quit my job, knowing I was going to return home with no job or money.

If you are unsure whether to quit your job or not to travel, or for any other reason, you need to weigh up what you want from your life. Is your career more important than travelling, or are you willing to risk you career to see the world and take a career break?

If you imagine yourself in 5 years time, would you be happier if you have the high flying job, with a hefty salary, or if you are on a slightly lower salary, but full of memories and stories of all the places you have visited around the world. As much as my career is important to me, I would still pick the latter. I know in five years time, I would be full of regret if I didn't travel and even if it takes me longer to reach my ultimate career goals, then that's fine.

For all you know, quitting your job may lead to other career paths, or if you return to the same job, you will come home a more well rounded person. I was worried that my employers would not understand me taking time out to travel, but I was pleasantly surprised how they reacted. My firm thought it was an incredible opportunity and respected that I was taking the time out to do something I had wanted to do.

So, if you are contemplating quitting your job to travel (or to follow any other passion or dream) then think how you will feel if you never go for it. What is more important to you?


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