Old Delhi, India is hard to put into words; the smells, the noises, the constant chaos and the sights are on a different level to all of the other countries I have explored. These pictures sum up my experience of walking through Old Delhi, India...

I took this photo around 7:30am when the street vendors were setting up for the day ahead after grabbing a quick bite to eat and a cup of warm chai.

Team Work

Sleeping on the job

Traditional Indian sweets which look too good to eat

One of your five a day

Delicious breakfast in the backstreets of Old Delhi

Who can resist a lassi in a clay cup?

Protection from the smog

Spice up your life

Taking a break from the chaos below

People watching from the rooftop above the spice market

Wedding dress anyone?

If those pictures haven't intrigued you enough to visit Old Delhi in India, I don't know what will. Old Delhi is intense and was definitely a culture shock but I have so many memorable experiences from my time in India and I would highly recommend spending at least a few days in Delhi.  

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