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How to Save Money for Travel, career break, sabbatical, gap year

Travelling is not cheap, there is no way of denying that you need a bit of cash behind you to travel, whether it is for one week or one year. Here are my top tips to save money for travelling. These tips are tried and tested as I used them when I was saving for my around the world trip.

How to save money for travel

TIP 1:


If you have a limited salary, it may be better to save for smaller trips, so the saving is not as daunting. Rather than trying to save for an around the world trip, which will cost thousands, why not start with a long weekend or a week and then build your way up. Or if you want to jump straight into a gap year, then you need to be realistic about how long it is going to take to save up for the trip.

How to save money for travel