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How to save for a career break? - travel - backpacking

The type of career break you choose will massively affect how much you need to save. Career breaks can be in the hundreds, up to tens of thousands of pounds. However much you need to save, these are my tips to help saving feel less of a burden. (These tips focus on saving to travel on a career break, but the tips can be used to save money for any type of career break you decide to choose).

1. Be realistic

If you have a limited salary, it may be better to save for a smaller trip or cheaper career break, so the saving is not as daunting. If you want to jump straight into an around the world trip for a year or learn to be a pilot for example, then you need to be realistic about how long it is going to take to save up for the trip, so you don't run out of money too quickly.

2.  Do your research