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How to choose and organise a career break? travel - backpacking

Choosing how to spend your career break is important, not only so you feel satisfied when your break comes to an end, but also so you can add something positive to your CV. I knew that I wanted to spend my career break travelling the world, but I did still consider other options and it comes down to what is important to you. Asking yourself the questions below and by following these simple steps can shed a bit more light on how to organise your career break of a lifetime.  

Decide what you want to gain from your career break?

Do you want to find love, gain more experience, put yourself outside your comfort zone, see the world, learn about new cultures, make new friends, broaden your horizons, learn new skills or just do something completely different? Whatever your reason, you need to determine what you want to gain from your career break and why and this will guide you to what type of break will suit you best.