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After a little lie in we got up in enough time for the free breakfast at the hostel, which consisted of bread, jam, curry, rice, watermelon and masala chia. I still couldn't get my head around eating curry for breakfast, so opted for some toast and watermelon, but the curry seemed to be a hit with Rob and the other travellers. Over breakfast we made a bit of a plan to visit Lodi Gardens, the Indian Gate, the Bangla Sahib Gudwara and then just walk around New Delhi.

After a few stops on the metro and trying to cross some more crazy roads with vehicles coming at us in all directions, we made it Lodi Gardens. It was so peaceful. There were not any cars, or horns and was such a contrast from Old Delhi we had seen the day before. Lodi Gardens was originally named after Lady Willingdon, who was the wife of a British Resident and had two villages cleared in 1936 to landscape the park to remind her of home...seems a bit harsh but it was lovely and there were a lot of locals having picnics and relaxing, so I suppose it has gone some good.

Exploring New Delhi - Lodi Gardens, India Gate and the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib- Bangla Sahib to India Gate

Today the Lodi Gardens are named after the Lodi-era tombs, which can be found scattered across the park, including the 15th Century Bara Gumbad tomb and mosque, and the tombs of Sirkander Lodi and Mohammed Shah. The park also contains the Athpula bridge which crosses the lake and dates from the Emperor Akbar's reign. The site is now protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.