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Delhi Belly Walking Tour & Exploring  Old Delhi

Up early we met at 7:30am in the common room for the Delhi Belly Walking Tour. There were 8 of us in total. There were three German girls, Marie and Anne who were sisters and were in Delhi for a wedding and Miriam who was travelling around India on her own. There was an English girl called Cat, from Bristol and a German guy called Florian, who were both solo travelling and two Indian guys called Amit and Parag who were in Delhi from their home town to 'party'. The tour was lead by Aru, who grew up in Delhi. Aru explained that he was taking us to the north part of Old Delhi where a lot of people wouldn't go as they feel outside of their comfort zone but Aru's tour was based around this area so we got to see this side to the city.

The group mingled straight away and after a few metro stops we arrived in Chawri Bazar. We walked out of the metro and it was like something from another world. It was around 8am so it was relatively quiet but it was like nothing I had seen before. I thought the hanging wires in Thailand were bad but this was on another level and the rubbish, it was everywhere.