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Bucket List Ideas

Bucket lists are a list of achievements or experiences which a person wants to achieve in their lifetime or within a certain time period.

Bucket lists are very personal, as there are usually reasons behind each point on the list. I know that I might not manage to do everything on my list, but there is nothing wrong with aiming high. Many of the things on my list seem a bit cliche but that's because the cliche things are usually awesome things to experience. 

If you are looking for bucket list ideas, here is a snapshot of my most recent one (I have done the underlined ones):

  1. Improve my travel photography skills

  2. Swim with a turtle

  3. Eat bugs in Cambodia (I couldn't bring myself to do it hahah)

  4. Improve surfing skills

  5. Do my first bungee jump (hands down the scariest thing I have done)

  6. Eat local food

  7. Have dinner with locals

  8. Hike the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand

  9. Go tubing in Laos

  10. Swim with a dolphin

  11. Go on a night jungle trek

  12. Wake up early to see the sunrise

  13. Learn yoga in India

  14. Visit Jordon

  15. Zipline through the jungle

  16. Eat a bagel in New York 

  17. Drink a Singapore Sling in Raffles Hotel (our budget stopped us doing this, but slightly regret not doing this now)

  18. Visit Taiwan

  19. Visit Angkor Wat

  20. Do a road trip in the USA

  21. Drink local wine in Italy

  22. Try traditional polish food

  23. Drive a vespa through Italy

  24. Dive/snorkel the great barrier reef

  25. Visit South Korea

  26. Hike in Yosemite National Park

  27. Visit Rome

  28. Do a road trip across the UK

  29. Drink beer in Prague

  30. Watch baseball in USA

  31. See the Northern Lights

  32. See the Taj Mahal

  33. Take a cooking class in Italy

  34. Try spicer food (I am a wimp but had no choice in India)

  35. Take a cooking class in Asia

  36. Kayak around Halong Bay

  37. Visit Barcelona

  38. Taste fresh tea from the Indian tea plantations

  39. Watch an Irish band in Ireland

  40. Ride a scooter

  41. Go deep sea fishing 

  42. Hike Machu Picchu

  43. Live in a camper van for a month

  44. Learn to dive

  45. Go to a comedy club in New York

  46. See the Kremlin in Moscow

  47. Eat sushi in Japan (I did end up in hospital the following to follow)

  48. Travel for a period longer than 6 months before I turn 30

Luckily, I have already manage to cross off lots of things but I still have lots of things to do and I do keep adding to my list. I like having a bucket list as it gives me something to aim towards and I get great satisfaction crossing things off lists!

What is the most unique thing on your bucket list? 

If you are considering taking some time out of work to start ticking off your bucket list, here are some helpful posts:

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