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Arriving in Delhi, India

Our bags were packed, the house was locked up and we said our goodbyes to our families and friends... our 9 month around the world adventure had arrived. I was filled with excitement with an underlying sense of fear and curiosity.

We arrived at Birmingham International airport to get our direct flight to Delhi in more than enough time. We were flying with Air India, as these were the cheapest flights we could find. We reached the check-in desk and handed the lady our passports and e-visas. Computer said 'no', apparently the systems had changed a few weeks before which they hadn't informed us of, and I hadn't printed off the correct documents. We were directed to a computer with a printer and were told that we couldn't check in until we printed the correct e-visa. Printer said 'no', it was out of order, to cut a long story short a man on another desk simply signed the document and told me that this would suffice.

We had heard about the smog in Delhi which was causing problems and delays and that is exactly what happened. 'I am sorry to inform you that your flight is delayed, here is £7.50 for food and drink'....great!